Fiberich has applications in various every day food products.


Bread is a chief constituent of diet the world over. Fiberich can be incorporated into any type of bread without changing the taste, texture or mouthfeel making it a high fiber healthy food.

Fiberich remains stable during baking and does not affect fermentation. The incorporation is done just by recipe changes without any change in the production process.

Fiberich can be typically added up to 8% of the flour ingredient, which can provide 1.5 grams of fiber per slice (28 grams or 1 ounce).
Additionally, Fiberich provides softness to breads and increases the yield by 20%.


High fiber bread can transform fast foods into healthy foods having typical applications in sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, etc.

Fiberich enriched pizza base can provide 6 grams of fiber per person (25% RDA) with additional crunchy feeling.
Fiberich can also be very well included as an ingredient into special kind of breads:

  • Arab Breads (Khubz, Pita, Hurs, etc)
    Fiberich can provide 3 grams of fiber per Khubz.
  • Flat Breads (Tortillas, Wraps, Indian Breads like Roti, Puri, Paratha, Naan, etc)
    Fiberich makes high fiber flat breads without any processing difficulty and is stable in various cooking methods like baking, pan baking, frying, etc.

The breads additionally have more softness and retain moisture even after hours.

Cookies & Biscuits
Cookies and biscuits are a good time favorite snack.
Fiberich makes healthy cookies & biscuits by:

  • Providing good amount of fiber: 1.2 grams of fiber from a cookie of 28 grams.
  • Control the release of sugar by lowering the GI
  • Crunchy feeling

Pastas & Noodles
Pastas and Noodles are popular meals. Fiberich can be added to pastas and noodles without any detectable presence of fiber.

Additionally, Fiberich helps in easy extruding and handling of pastas and noodles i.e. it does not stick to each other during extrusion. A bowl of pastas or noodles provides up to 3gms of fiber.

Donuts are widely popular and play a role as part of diet. Fiberich provides softness and better mouthfeel to donuts. One donut provides up to 1.5gms of fiber. Thus, 2 donuts in breakfast daily will keep you healthy and active.